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User Interface Prototyping Design Clinics

Tuesdays, 9-11 am

Cal Design Lab, 501 Wurster SE (directions)

If you want to take this class, please fill out our class petition.

For a week-to-week schedule and additional reading material, please visit the course wiki at

How does it work?
A weekly, two hour, hands-on workshop for User Interface Prototyping. We'll bring the guest speakers, you bring your laptop and come ready with trial packages downloaded. Sit down and get your feet wet (or get a refresher!) in some fundamental prototyping skills for User Interface designers!

What will you be covering?
A variety of things! The official schedule is still in the works, but so far it includes: hand sketching, Wizard-of-Oz techniques, video prototyping, wireframe prototypes, mobile device prototyping, prototyping interactions with hardware, and more!

Can I get credit?
If you'd like one unit of credit for attending the clinic series, sign up for CS298, section 48, "HCI Design Clinic", CCN #26826. If you enroll for credit, you must attend every session or submit make-up projects. If you do not enroll for credit, you can skip sessions, although we encourage you to attend as many as possible.

Email Lora (