Berkeley HCI Group

PhD Dissertations

Jeremy Warner (2023) - Enhancing Visual Media Through Reflection and Recomposition

Nathaniel Weinman (2022) - Designing Exercises to Teach Programming Patterns

Forrest Huang (2022) - Human-Guided Generation of Sketches and Prototypes

Katherine Stasaski (2022) - Diversity in Dialogue Generation

Bala Thoravi Kumaravel (2022) - Interactive Cross-Dimensional Media for Collaboration and Guidance in Mixed Reality Environments

Eldon Schoop (2022) - Exploratory and Explanatory Tools for ML Application Development

Sarah Sterman (2022) - Process-Sensitive Creativity Support Tools

Molly Nicholas (2022) - A Dramaturgical Framework for Interactive Performance: Sensitizing Concepts at the Intersection of Performance and Technology

Philippe Laban (2021) - Unsupervised Text Generation and its Application to News Interfaces

Roshan Rao (2021) - Training, Evaluating, and Understanding Evolutionary Models for Protein Sequences

Daniel Seita (2021) - Accelerating Robot Learning and Deformable Manipulation Using Simulated Interactions, Architectural Priors, and Curricula

Richard Lin (2021) - Human-Centered Circuit Board Design With Flexible Levels of Abstraction and Ambiguity

Jia Xian Yao (2021) - Computational Woodworking: Tools for Designing Stable Decorative Joints and Flexible Kerf Patterns

Rundong Tian (2021) - Lucid Fabrication

Andrew Head (2020) - Interactive Program Distillation

Christine Dierk (2020) - Heirloom Wearables: A Hybrid Approach to the Design of Embodied Wearable Technologies

Jinkyu Kim (2019) - Explainable and Advisable Learning for Self-driving Vehicles

Amy Pavel (2019) - Navigating Video Using Structured Text

Sarah Chasins (2019) - Democratizing Web Automation: Programming for Social Scientists and Other Domain Experts

Cesar Torres (2019) - Hybrid Aesthetics: Bridging Material Practices and Digital Fabrication through Computational Crafting Proxies

Michael Driscoll (2018) - Domain-Specific Techniques for High-Performance Computational Image Reconstruction

Biye Jiang (2018) - Exploratory model analysis for machine learning

Kristin Stephens-Martinez (2017) - Serving CS Formative Feedback on Assessments Using Simple and Practical Teacher-Bootstrapped Error Models

Sara Alspaugh (2017) - Understanding Data Analysis Activity via Log Analysis

Valkyrie Savage (2016) - Fabbed to Sense: Integrated Design of Geometry and Sensing Algorithms for Interactive Objects

Pei-Yu (Peggy) Chi (2016) - Designing Video-Based Interactive Instructions

Joanne Lo (2016) - Deconstruct, Imagine, Build: Bringing Advanced Manufacturing to the Maker Community

Kristal Curtis (2015) - Leveraging Similar Regions to Improve Genome Data Processing

Erin Carson (2015) - Communication-Avoiding Krylov Subspace Methods in Theory and Practice

Pablo Paredes (2015) - Pervasive Well-being Technology

Beth Trushkowsky (2014) - Collecting Data With the Crowd

Huasha Zhao (2014) - High Performance Machine Learning through Codesign and Rooflining

Michael Armbrust (2013) - Scale-Independent Relational Query Processing

Anuj Tewari (2013) - Speech-enabled Systems for Language Learning

Aditi Shrikumar (2013) - Designing an Exploratory Text Analysis Tool for Humanities and Social Sciences Research

Shoaib Ashraf Kamil (2012) - Productive High Performance Parallel Programming with Auto-tuned Domain-Specific Embedded Languages

Keng-hao Chang (2012) - Speech Analysis Methodologies towards Unobtrusive Mental Health Monitoring

Andy Carle (2012) - Promoting Learning of Instructional Design via Overlay Design Tools

Christine Robson (2012) - Using Mobile Technology and Social Networking to Crowdsource Citizen Science

Wei Xu (2010) - System Problem Detection by Mining Console Logs

Peter Bodik (2010) - Automating Datacenter Operations Using Machine Learning

Richard Edward Honicky (2010) - Towards a societal scale, mobile sensing system

Jingtao Wang (2010) - Perceptual and Context Aware Interfaces on Mobile Devices

Divya Lalitha Ramachandran (2010) - Mobile Persuasive Technologies for Rural Health

David Tong Nguyen (2008) - Visually Dependent Nonverbal Cues and Video Communication

Ana Ramirez Chang (2008) - User-Extensible Natural Language Spoken Interfaces for Environment and Device Control

Matthew Boon Tian Kam (2008) - MILLEE: Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies

Richard C. Davis (2008) - K-Sketch: A Kinetic Sketch Pad for Novice Animators

Tye Lawrence Rattenbury (2008) - An Activity Based Approach to Context-Aware Computing

Scott Alan Carter (2007) - Supporting early-stage ubicomp experimentation

Yitao Duan (2007) - P4P: A Practical Framework for Privacy-Preserving Distributed Computation

Mark Webster Newman (2007) - End-User Service Composition in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Preslav Ivanov Nakov (2007) - Using the Web as an Implicit Training Set: Application to Noun Compound Syntax and Semantics

Ka-Ping Yee (2007) - Building Reliable Voting Machine Software

James Lin (2005) - Using Design Patterns and Layers to Support the Early-State Design and Prototyping of Cross-Device User Interfaces

Cecilia R. Aragon (2004) - Improving Aviation Safety with Information Visualization: Airflow Hazard Display for Helicopter Pilots

Francesca A. Barrientos (2002) - Controlling Expressive Avatar Gesture

Eric J. Paulos (2001) - Personal Tele-Embodiment

Melody Y. Ivory (2001) - An Empirical Foundation for Automated Web Interface Evaluation

Dan S. Reznik (2000) - The Universal Planar Manipulator (Robotics)

Yan Zhuang (2000) - Real-Time Simulation of Physically Realistic Global Deformations

Paul B. Horton II (1997) - Strings Algorithms and Machine Learning Applications for Computational Biology

Brian V. Mirtich (1996) - Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems

Ashutosh G. Rege (1996) - A Toolkit for Algebra and Geometry

Archibald L. Cobbs (1995) - Approximating the Suffix Tree

Aaron S. Wallack (1995) - Algorithms and Techniques for Manufacturing

Ioannis Z. Emiris (1994) - Sparse Elimination and Applications in Kinematics

Ming C. Lin (1993) - Efficient Collision Detection for Animation and Robotics

Dinesh Manocha (1992) - Algebraic and Numeric Techniques in Modeling and Robotics

Gregory P. Heinzinger (1990) - Reliable Robot Motion Planning

Paul E. Jacobs (1989) - Planning Robot Motion with Dynamic Constraints