UC Berkeley EECS HCI Prelim Reading List

The UC Berkeley EECS HCI Preliminary exam is an oral exam that PhD students are required to take after their first year of graduate school in EECS at UC Berkeley. The exam will test your knowledge across a range of research literature detailed below. During the exam you may be asked to explain the central concepts, describe why the paper made certain tradeoffs, integrate several readings in a response to a question, or provide a higher-level explanation of a research area across several papers. In the case of methodological readings, you may be asked to work through a hypothetical design or analysis scenario. Students taking the HCI Prelim Examination will be responsible for having a deep working knowledge and be able to formulate arguments, positions, and situate the work within an historical context. Exam questions will be scoped across the following material (listed by date of publication):

This list was last updated 22 June 2019